A procurement of some equipmets shall be made in order to supply the basic needs of the schools via open tender procedure in accordance with the 19th article of the Public Procurement Law No. 4734. Detailed information about the tender can be found below:

Tender Registration Number:        2018/23251

1- Administration’s

  1. a) Address: Beştepe Mahallesi Merhale Sokak No: 62 YENİMAHALLE / ANKARA
  2. b) Telephone and fax number: 0 312 223 87 51 - 0 312 223 87 66
  3. c) E-mail address:

ç) The website where the tender document can be seen:


2-About the goods subject to tender

  1. a) Quality, type and quantity: In total 64484 pieces; (Desktop computer, Monitor, Laptop computer, Photocopy machine, Toners for Photocopy machine, Black and White Printer, Toner for Printer , LCD TV, Wall Type Air Condition, Projection, Table Tennis Set, Chess Set and Balls) 

Detailed information can be obtained from the administrative specification available in the tender document in EKAP.

  2. c) Date of delivery: 60 calender days after the start of the work

 3- Tender’s

  1. a) Place: Merhale Sokak No: 62 Beştepe-Yenimahalle / ANKARA
  2. b) Date and time: 02.2018 - 11:00
  3. Criteria for participating in the tender and the required documents and qualification criteria:

4.1. Conditions for participation in the tender and required documents:

4.1.2. Declaration of Signature or Signature Circulars indicating that they are authorized to submit bids; In case of a real person, then notarized signature Declaration, If it is a legal entity, the Trade Registry Gazette, indicating the latest status of shareholders, members or founders of the legal entity and the officials in charge of the legal entity according to its relevance, if all of these information is not available in the Trade Registry Gazette, the relevant Trade Registry Gazette or documents indicating these information are required, together with notarized signature circulars of legal entity,

4.1.3. the letter of offer the form and content of which is specified in the Administrative Specification.

4.1.4. Temporary guarantee the form and content of which is specified in the Administrative Specification.

4.1.5 The bidders are not allowed to make subcontractors to the whole or some part of the work.

4.1.6 If the business experience certificate presented by a legal person belongs to the partner with more than half of the legal entity's ownership, a document in standard form prepared by Turkish Union of Chambers and Exchange Commoditiesor, the trade registry office or certified public accountant after the date of the first announcement and indicating that this provision maintained for the past one year without any interruption,

4.2. Criteria for documents indicating economic and financial capacity :

No criteria is mentioned by the administration for documents related to economic and financial capacity

4.3. Documents related to professional and technical qualificaitons and the criteria that these documents should bear:

4.3.1. Documents showing business experience:

Documents or technological product experience documents showing business experience of the tender subject business or similar work, not less than 30% of the cost of the offer completed within the scope of a contract with a price within the last five years.

4.3.2. After-sale service, maintenance and repair documents:

1- All the devices will be fully guaranteed on-site for at least 2 (two) years, with the exact number of copies specified in the technical specification.

2- The fault which can not be solved by telephone intervention shall be intervened within 2 (two) working days latest after the registration time and the fault shall be remedied within 15 (fifteen) working days latest including the fault intervention period.

  1. If the defective equipment is not repaired within 15 (fifteen) working days from the beginning, new and unused equipment having at least the same property as the defective equipment shall be given without any fee.

4- During the warranty period, the defective device / product will be taken from the institution and delivered to institution after-repair by the vendor. The responsibility of any additional malfunction or damage that may occur during this period will be under the responsibility of the vendor. In addition, the vendor will pay for this fault or damage without charge.

5- Warranty period will start for each equipment group after inspection and acceptance have been completed.

6- During the guarantee period, all possible cargo expenses shall be covered by the contractor.

7- If the warranty period given by the manufacturer / distributor company is longer than the warranty period offered by the bidder, the warranty period of the manufacturer / distributor company will be valid and the bidder will be considered to have accepted this warranty within the terms of specification. If the warranty period provided by the manufacturer firm is extended within the warranty period of equipment offered after the date of procurement, this period shall be added for the extended period of time in favor of the administration and the provisions specified in the specification for additional warranty and maintenance services shall apply.

4.3.3. Documents related to the standard:

1- The devices should operate with 220 V ± 10% AC, 50 Hz mains voltage. All plugs and cables must comply with Turkish Standards.

2- The Contractor shall submit the TSE Service Qualification Certificate or TSE or ISO Certificate of the manufacturer company together with the bid in the tender dossier.

3- The CE Certificate or the CE Declaration of the products offered must be submitted with the proposal and the labels for these standards should be affixed on the devices. In addition, the labels on the devices that indicate their serial numbers should be made from the non-erasable material.

4.3.4. Document containing samples, catalogs, photographs of the goods to be procured, answers to technical specifications and explanations:

Tenderers must submit the specifications of the products they offer in their proposals, if any, in detail, in writing, with the proposals by marking them on brochures or manuals of the manufacturers.


4.4. Jobs that can be regarded as work similar to this notice:


As a work similar to this notice; purchase and sale of all kinds of computers and equipment, copier-printer equipment and consumables, television, projection, air condition and sport equipment shall be accepted.

  1. The economically most advantageous offer will only be determined on a price basis.
  2. The tender is open to all domestic and foreign tenderers.yerli malı teklif eden istekliye ihalenin tamamında % 15 (yüzde on beş)oranında fiyat avantajı uygulanacaktır. 
  3. Availability and purchase of tender document:

7.1. The tender document can be seen at the address of the administration and can be purchased from the Management Office of the ‘Project on Promoting Integration of Syrian Children into Turkish Education System Merhale Sokak No: 62 Beştepe-Yenimahalle / ANKARA  for 100 TL.

7.2. It is obligatory for those who will bid on the tender either to purchase the tender document to download it using e-signature via EKAP.

  1. Proposals can be submitted Management Office of the ‘Project on Promoting Integration of Syrian Children into Turkish Education System Merhale Sokak No: 62 Beştepe-Yenimahalle / ANKARA  in person besides sending a post to the same adress, by the date and time of the tender.
  2. Bidders shall submit their bids at Unit prices. The unit price contract will be signed on the total price which is the result of the multiplication of the amount of each work item and the unit prices offered for these items. In this tender, price quotes for part of the work can be proposed.
  3. Tenderers shall provide a temporary guarantee that they decide themselves but not less than 3% of the price they offer.
  4. The bids submitted are valid 150 (a hundred and fifty) calendar days from the date of the tender.
  5. As a consortium, no bid can be offered to the tender.
  6. Other aspects:

The tender shall be left on the economically most advantageous proposal without any explanation.